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Smart transportation card solutionSmart transportation card solution

STC solution

FMSH has focused on transportation since 2001 and developed multiple chips for urban transportation. FMSH-designed chips have been widely applied in the field of prepaid cards of urban public transport, single tickets of subway, access cards of highway, urban pass cards, citizen cards etc.


Standard contactless CPU application

Chips applied

contactless CPU chip FM1208

Standard conformity

contactless CPU standard of IC card application service center of MOHURD

PBOC2.0 E-Wallet/Bankbook standards of Bank Card Testing Center


8K contactless CPU card is applied to load security certification code of MOHURD and the vehicle is installed with PSAM card confirming to MOHURD standards with alternative use for both cards.


it is the basic scheme of intelligent urban transportation and such scheme has been widely applied in public transport system and upgrade scheme of M1 card system in many cities.

Only software upgrade is required on public transport vehicle with easy implementation, low cost and rapid upgrade efficiency.