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Warm visit from the EMBA students of Arizona State University

On the afternoon of March 14th, a line of 32 EMBA students of Arizona State University came to Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group co., LTD for visit and learning. During the first part, visitors got acknowledged of some basic information of Fudan Micro, including its milestone history, product lines, market competitiveness and company culture, as well as the development of Semi-conduct industry. All these abundant information was presented in such a simple and appealing way that all the visitors were immersed in the introduction.

In the Q&A period, EMBA students put up their questions for further discussion. For example, they are curious about the IC engineers’ vocational development, the unique and charming corporate culture as well how Fudan Micro effectively and reasonably manages the talents resource. The software and hardware brunch market of semi-conduct industry was also the hot topic that brings up a lot of discussion. The dialogue covered wide topic and all are explored deeply. Next, they are showed around the company for more concrete impression about the company history.

The Arizona State University is a globally renowned comprehensive colleague, which ranks the first 25 regarding to its powerful EMBA course in USA. Visitors said they were much impressed by the comprehensive strength of Fudan Micro, both in marketing and management. The whole visit builds good communication bridge between Chinese leading IC company and influential university from overseas.