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Dual-interface Bank IC Card Chip Developed by Fudan Microelectronics Group Having Passed International EMVCo Chip Security Certification

Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. recently announced that its dual-interface bank IC card chip product FM1280 has passed international EMVCo chip security certification (Certificate No.: ICCN0227), which implies that the security technology and security management system of the bank IC card chip product developed by Fudan Microelectronics Group have met international security grade requirements.

The EMVCo chip security certification for this time was completed by Brightsight, the largest independent security evaluation lab in the world. As a laboratory engaged in the security evaluation field for more than 30 years, it possesses internationally-advanced security evaluation technologies and rich security evaluation experience. Its security evaluation reports are accepted by all the major international organizations such as EMVCo, Global Platform, MasterCard, Visa and PCI-SSC, and it can conduct all the tests related to chip, card, terminal, TEE and HCE payment. It is also the only laboratory in the world which has been recognized by five countries (i.e., Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Norway and Turkey) and can independently conduct Common Criteria (CC)-based test and evaluation.

FM1280, the chip passing international EMVCo certification this time, adopts dual-interface configuration, and supports ISO14443 and ISO7816 communication protocols, as well as DES, RSA and many other cryptographic algorithms. By virtue of its ability to meet the industrial application demands of finance, healthcare, transportation, social security, education and many other fields, it has witnessed large-scale commercialization.

Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in the design, development and system solution provision of super-large-scale integration, and also one of the earliest listed companies in integrated circuit design field of China.

Since its establishment in 1998, it has gradually grown into the leading manufacturer of contactless card chips in domestic, and delivered a cumulative total of 300 million contactless/dual-interface CPU card chips; in transportation card field of China, its clients are widely distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and almost all the provincial capitals, with a 50%+ market share. It has also delivered more than 50 million contactless card reader chips and more than 600 million contactless logic security cards annually, leading the industry in both cases.

In as early as 2009 in the bank field, it already had the ability to develop high-security dual-interface CPU card chips; in 2011, it successfully launched millions of bank IC cards meeting PBOC2.0 standard. After the establishment of related chip security testing organization and the release of chip security standard by the State, it stood out as the first manufacturer realizing the large-scale commercialization of bank IC cards under the new standard. The 80K byte bank IC card series chips launched in 2013 were among the first batch of smart card chip products adopting 0.13um process, and successively got  Certificate for Unionpay IC product security certification and the certificate issued by State Cryptography Administration, supporting all the algorithms of SM2/3/4 and so forth.

Currently, the total delivery of pure bank IC cards adopting Fudan Microelectronics’ chips has exceeded five million, the total delivery of dual-interface bank industry application cards has also exceeded five million, and the number of bulk card-issuing banks has exceeded 30, all combined to endow the Company with an leading edge in domestic. The issuing banks of pure bank IC cards not only include major state-owned banks such as CCB, BOC and PSBC, but also include joint stock banks (i.e., CEB, China Citic Bank, CMBC, etc.) and local commercial banks based in major bank centers like Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and so forth. As for bank industry application cards, FM12 series bank IC card chips developed by Fudan Microelectronics have been used in the fields of healthcare cards loaded with financial function, transportation cards loaded with financial function, citizen cards loaded with financial function, etc. Examples in this aspect include the citizen cards of Zhenjiang, Huimin (literally benefaction to people) cards of Xianyang, Xi’an, health care cards loaded with financial function of Hainan, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, etc..

The successful application of the more than ten million chip products has on the one hand proven to users the feasibility of the localization of bank IC card chips, and on the other hand witnessed the success of the path of independent technological innovation upheld by Fudan Microelectronics. It’s fair to say that, as an enterprise devoted to independent technological innovation and independent R&D accumulation, Fudan Microelectronics has laid a solid foundation for the in-depth implementation of the State’s independent security and controllability strategies from various aspects.

In face of the increasingly rapid issuance of bank IC cards, Fudan Microelectronics Group will continuously devote itself to escorting for your businesses through the development of more reliable, more secure and more stable chip products.