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NFC tag ICsrf chip card

Security and identification product line of FMSH has taken shape in such 3 product series as identification and memory, smart and security and identification readers based on the technology including self-owned MCU core, EEPROM, RF. Fudan Microelectronics has developed over 20 types of products ranging from contact/contactless/dual-interface CPU card to contactless readers, SMAP mobile payment and etc. Over 10 billion piece of chips have been shipped to market in medical insurance, e-purse, transportation, ID and etc

Chip Model Details
FM11NT020 Download 256 Byte ISO14443TypeA,NFC Forum Type2 Tag Contactless Wafer,TSOT23-5,DFN4 Wafer,TSOT23-5,DFN4 户外电子海报、蓝牙和WIFI匹配、电子名片
FM11NT0X1 Download 144 /504/888Byte ISO14443TypeA,NFC Forum Type2 Tag Contactless Wafer Wafer NFC手机标签、户外电子海报、蓝牙和WIFI匹配、电子名片
FM11NT0X1D Download 144/504/888Byte ISO14443 TypeA,NFC Forum Type2 Tag Contactless、Contact DFN10 DFN10 产品身份鉴别、电子货架标签、蓝牙和WIFI匹配