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Development HistoryDevelopment History

Growth Inception

 In 2015, the sales revenue exceeded 1 billion yuan.。
 The localization of Financial IC card chip had made major breakthrough——the company became the first chip makers of launching pure financial IC card in CCB as well as the first one of completing the pilot project of the Bank of China. In 2015, the total batch supply of pure financial IC card and dual interfaced financial application cards was more than 6 million pieces。
 The NFCOS mobile payment platform developed and operated by company, which allows for Xiaomi public transportation card business, was officially launched in Shanghai on January 9, 2015. This is the first case of releasing air public traffic cards based on terminal NFC mobile in domestic cities。
Transfer of listing from GEM to Mail Board(Stock code on Main Board:1385)。
 FMSH was recognized as "2011-2012 IC Designers Within National Planning Layout".
NFC control chip FM1930 designed by FMSH passed certification by NFC forum on 1 October 2013, which was the first domestic NFC control chip certified by NFC forum.
FMSH passed standard ISO14064-1:2006 certification by Bureau Veritas.
FMSH's trademark "" was recognized as "Shanghai Well-Known Trademark" by Shanghai Well-Known Trademark Accreditation Committee.
FMSH appeared on Forbes Asia Magazine and was rated as "Best Under A Billion" and "Top 200 Medium & Small-sized Listed Companies among 15000 in Asian-Pacific Region".
On the Special Olympics held in Greece, FMSH was honored with "Provider with High Reputation and Respect" by the Organizing Committee of the Special Olympics to express FMSH's contribution on athletes' health with RFID technology.
FMSH signed an agreement with the Special Olympics to become its sponsor from 2009 to 2013 and provide athletes with health-related RFID technical support.
Hefei City Pass Card was the first pilot project about contactless CPU card promoted by MOHURD, and FM1208 contactless card chip and COS designed by FMSH were applied.
The first RFID chip undertook by FHSM which can be applied in E-tickets of large conference & activities and support national certified cryptographic algorithm was successfully developed.
HSPM IECQ QC08000:2005 hazardous substances management system established by FMSH passed the certification and approval by SGS.
Supply chain financial management system and HR management system officially operated on line, marking FMSH's information construction moving forward to information platform.
Contactless CPU card ePass card launched by FMSH passed the testing of PBOC2.0 E-Wallet/Bankbook IC Card of Bank Card Testing Center of People's Bank of China.
FMSH got purchase orders of 4 million pieces of single tickets of Shanghai Subway, which were officially applied at Shanghai No.5 Rail Transit Line.
FM11RF08 contactless RF card chips were successfully applied at ticket system of 6th Shanghai CIIF.
FMSH launched the first whole series of contactless card reader chip (FM17XX) supporting multiplex communication protocols of ISO14443 (TYPEA, TYPEB) and 15693.
Multi-rate electric energy meter-specialized chip customized and developed by FMSH passed the product identification by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.
FMSH passed the third party certification by China Electronic Quality System Certification Center and obtained ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System Certification Certificate.
FMSH obtained IC manufacturer international registration code (ID) as the first IC designer internationally registered with IC manufacturer in Chinese Mainland.
The first domestic rail transit chip single ticket products developed by FMSH passed expert evaluation and each index fully conformed to the international technical standards and Shanghai local standards so as to solve the problem on transfer of light rail or subway with single ticket.
 FMSH sold more than 10 million pieces of 8K Memory Card Chips designed with Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights.
FMSH's H shares were listed on HK GEM on 4 August.
FMSH was honored with ISO 9001 Quality System Certification Certificate by China Electronic Quality System Certification Center.
"FMSH 8K New Memory Card Chips Launch Exhibition" was held
FMSH was incorporated on 16 July.