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HF Reader chipsHF Reader chips

FM17XXX serials are highly integrated transceiver IC for contactless communication at 13.56MHz. FM17XXX serials support Reader/Writer mode compliant with ISO14443/ISO15693 protocol. And FM17XXX chips can operate to a RFID/contactless card/tag at a distance 5-7cm depends on the antenna size and matching tuning. These contactless reader/writer chips are suitable for wide applications like POS, door locker, access control, and anti-counterfeiting and identification.


Chip Model Details
FM17520 Download ISO14443-A SPI QFN32 QFN32 低功耗、低电压非接触读卡器、POS机
FM17XX Download ISO14443 typeA,ISO15693 SPI、PARALLEL Multiform QFN40 非接触读卡器、POS机
FM17510 Download ISO14443-A SPI QFN16
FM17550 Download ISO14443-A/B SPI、UART、I2C QFN32 QFN32 金融POS、带NFC功能电子门锁、可实现NFC通道功能的非接触读卡器
FM17522E Download ISO14443-A SPI、UART、I2C QFN32 QFN32 低功耗、低电压非接触读卡器、POS机、电子门锁