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Thoughts on Tourism to the Special Olympics

Since officially signing an agreement with the Special Olympics in 2008, FMSH has become the sponsor of RFID chip technology of worldwide health plan of the Special Olympics athletes. As one of technicians having been devoted to FMSH for nearly 5 years, it was an honor for me to be dispatched to America to give technical support to the Special Olympics in June 2014, which personally is great trust on me from my company and leaders. To ensure the successful completion of my work in America, I prepared for it with Mr. Ke and some of my colleagues two months ago. My colleagues at Electronics Department of FMSH rendered me full support on selection of NFC labels, design & printing, production, testing of card readers and subsequent system testing, and they gave painstaking care on above work. Mr. Ke and I selected a few alternative plans to assure the continuous reliability and stability of FMSH products.

With elapse of time and when it was near to the start of my tourism to the Special Olympics in America, Mr. Ke and I came to the stadium in New Jersey: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. To support the Special Olympics and demonstrate FMSH strength & products, our technicians made sufficient preparation to set up demonstration platform to welcome athletes’ entry into the stadium.

The Special Olympics organizers kindly invited us to attend the opening ceremony. In the following days, we supplied daily technical consultancy and assistance at each service platform and worked with volunteers from different states inAmerica. What impressed me most was that one day the number of volunteers was inadequate and I supplied information registration service in person to each athlete as a volunteer at the registration desk. Each Special Olympics athlete took the information registration procedures with smile and I was delighted at helping them.

The Special Olympics attached importance to details and provided various examinations and suggestions on eyes, teeth and health etc of athletes. It was a spiritual baptism to work with volunteers because each of them served athletes with heart and soul.

Each technician on behalf of FMSH serving the Special Olympics worked with a warm heart and a sense of honor, which drove us to eliminate errors in words, behaviors and tasks. One day we were too busy to have our lunch and had it until 9 p.m after closing of stadium, and such experience left us good memory and made us feel happiness of thanksgiving, magnanimity and dedication.

A 10-day technical support service finished soon, but FMSH would continue to give support to the Special Olympics and annually dispatch new employees to participate in, experience and serve the Special Olympics, and the Special Olympics spirit would continue to exist in FMSH.