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FMSH NFC Tag Product and Scheme Unveiled at China Intelligent Card Exhibition


2014 China Intelligent Card, RFID, Sensor and Internet of Things Exhibition opened on the 3th of June until the 5th of June 2014, and FMSH participated in the above mentioned exhibition with its NFC TAG chip products and solutions.


In the exhibition, FMSH demonstrated two DEMO Kits related to NFC TAG chips. One kit is Xiaomi-developed wireless Bluetooth speaker with our NFC TAG chip. By using our NFC TAG chip, the speaker makes the Bluetooth pairing to free users from some tedious operations such as enabling the Bluetooth function, making pairs, and inputting a password. The other kit is the NFC channel chip newly launched by FMSH. This kit has a 1KB EEPROM space. The functions of transmitting messages, pictures and name cards are also developed for the NFC channel chip. Since a standard Android interface has been employed, the name card information of the DEMO program can be transmitted to a mobile phone as long as the mobile phone comes with a read-write chip conforming to the NFC standard. The corresponding mobile APP and MCU are required to be developed in users' mobile phones to transmit the messages and pictures. In addition, this chip supports bidirectional transmission.