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NFC smart contactless control chipsNFC smart contactless control chips

SMAP (Smart Mobile Application Platform),launched by Fudan Microelectronics Group based on years of design and industrial experience, is an intelligent Mobile Platform chip in line with NFC specifications.
Developed with FM1935A, the portable terminal can be applied in various fields such as public transport, application of consuming points, authentication,and logistics tracking. FMSH provides total solution for NFC application includes NFC-SE and NFC-TAG chip, and reference design for embedded application software, centralized key management scheme and contactless smart card application operation system platform, etc. We are dedicated to support the existing payment market with whole mature set of NFC solutions. Meanwhile, we launched a series of NFC client application with access to the NFC terminal business data platform, promoting the development of the NFC industry through demonstrating each net of NFC application chain. 

Chip Model Details
FM1935S Download ISO14443,typeA I2C、UART、SWP-master QFN 32 QFN 64 具备NFC功能的手持移动设备,及门禁系统、读头控制系统等
FM194XX Download ISO14443,typeA SPI QFN 32 QFN 64 具备NFC功能的手持移动设备,及门禁系统、读头控制系统等
FM1935A Download ISO14443,typeA I2C、UART、SWP-master QFN 64 BGA 64 具备NFC功能的手机、或行业专用手持设备等