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FMSH welcome you

FMSH has profound academic atmosphere and scientific & pragmatic spirits to provide you with opportunities for you to study and show your competence and invite you to join FMSH to add more cultural atmosphere.

Employees Message

I remembered that although I was not just a graduated boy when I was employed in FMSH, everything was new and fresh to me and I needed to start from the beginning. I was quickly used to the environment here thanks to help from my colleagues and my own work experience. I could feel care and enthusiasm from my colleagues and such mutual help in the work impressed us deeply.

At the early days when I was employed in FMSH, besides the harmonious relation among colleagues, what impressed me most was the toilet culture. Maybe you would feel funny about at my description but it was true that some wordings in the toilets represented philosophy. For example, a wording “There is no impossibilities, you just hasn’t found the right way” inspired me a lot.

Moreover, it is interesting for a new employee to know the history and development of a company and FMSH provides such platform. Employees could know something happed about FMSH and some nice articles on FMSH emails and BBS. It is a pity that less and less employees add new things or articles on above platforms due to busy work but it is enough to me because I know what has happened before. I am lucky that I am here and I will grow with FMSH in the future.

I haven’t given elegant words here but just hope that these simple words could make people feel new employees’ ideas and fondness on FMSH. Predecessors are appreciated for everything they have created and I hope that I could grow with FMSH and spare no efforts to create bright future of FMSH. Maybe one day a new employee will have the same ideas with me and I will be a senior/older employee then.